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"Hangar 4" | Combat Stories and Personal Struggles | Retired Marine Corps CH 53 Pilot. Isaac Lee
As a military veteran or first responder, you must plan and implement strategies to prepare for your transition into civilian life. In this episode of the Transition Drill Podcast, Isaac Lee (call sign Whiskey), a retired Marine Corps Lt. Col., is back for round 2. You can go back to Episode 97 for more on Whiskey. This time Isaac is now a published author of his first book Hangar 4 which is newly available. In this conversation we talk about the cathartic process of writing his book, which began when he started keeping journals during flight school and continued on through his entire career. Hangar 4 meticulously documents his personal and family struggles throughout his military career, including some harrowing combat stories from his 4 combat deployments to the middle east as a CH-53 pilot. Isaac provides an intimate glimpse into the life of a veteran, discussing the challenges he faced in the Marine Corps and how these experiences shaped his subsequent roles as a family man and writer. His narrative captures the essence of the veteran experience, highlighting the often-overlooked aspects of personal struggle and resilience required to navigate life after the service. This episode is a must-listen for anyone interested in military affairs, the intricate process of transitioning from active service, and the power of writing as a tool for healing and understanding. QUESTIONS OR COMMENTS: SUBSCRIBE AND WATCH EPISODE ON YouTube: CONNECT WITH ISAAC: LinkedIn: Web: BUY HANGAR 4: Amazon: Barnes & Noble:
Former Navy TOPGUN Pilot | Now Hosting SUP & Surf Veteran Retreats. James Bartelloni
As a military veteran or first responder, you need to plan and implement strategies to prepare for your transition into civilian life. Join us as we discuss veteran transition, military camaraderie, and mental health and wellness on this insightful podcast episode. Don't miss out on this inspiring conversation! In this episode of the Transition Drill Podcast, we explore the life of James "Bart" Bartelloni, a former Navy TOPGUN fighter pilot and Annapolis graduate, as he shares his transition from the adrenaline-filled world of naval aviation to the challenges of civilian life. Bartelloni delves into his experiences at TOPGUN, highlighting the real-life demands and discipline far from Hollywood's portrayal, and discusses his nearly 12-year military career before becoming a business development strategist. He opens up about his personal struggles with alcoholism and how stand-up paddle boarding (SUP) became a therapeutic outlet, leading him to found SUP Vets. This non-profit helps veterans and first responders reconnect through SUP retreats, while his involvement with Behind Thin Lines addresses trauma through natural medicine. Bartelloni's journey is not only a tale of overcoming personal and professional hurdles but also an inspiring example of applying military discipline in the stock market and beyond, offering invaluable insights for those facing similar transitions. This episode is essential for veterans and first responders planning their futures, emphasizing the importance of preparation and support in navigating post-service life. CONNECT WITH JAMES: LinkedIn: Web: Web: #transitiondrillpodcast #militarytransition #topgun
From SgtMaj to Project Manager - A Marine's Transition. Sean Greenleaf
In this episode of the Transition Drill Podcast, follow the career and experiences of Sean Greenleaf, his 5 combat deployments, his early days as a young Infantry Marine, his time as a Drill Instructor, and his time with the prestigious Marine Helicopter Squadron 1 (HMX-1), the helicopter squadron for the President. Sean's journey through the Marine Corps is not just a story of military service but a testament to the power of resilience, adaptability, and the enduring bonds of brotherhood. Sean's military career began with no intention of making it a lifelong commitment. Yet, his initial plans evolved dramatically over the years. In 2022, Sean retired as a Sergeant Major who dedicated over three decades to serving his country. Sean's narrative is rich with the essence of true leadership and camaraderie. Today, Sean is a Project Management Specialist with Booz Allen Hamilton. Throughout the episode, Sean shares the highs and lows of his career to the challenges of transitioning back to civilian life. His insights into the importance of planning and preparing for life after the military are invaluable, not just for veterans but for anyone facing significant life transitions. Sean's dedication to helping fellow military veterans navigate their post-service lives shines through. His story is a beacon of hope and a guide for those embarking on their transition journey, emphasizing the importance of community, mentorship, and never losing sight of one's goals, no matter how distant they may seem. ALL LINKS FOR THE PODCAST SUBSCRIBE AND WATCH EPISODE ON YouTube: CONNECT WITH SEAN: LinkedIn: #transitiondrillpodcast #militarytransition #veterans
Former LAPD CRASH | Corrupt Cop | 18 Years in Federal Prison | Today Atonement. Ruben Palomares
In an episode that unfolds like a gripping narrative, the Transition Drill Podcast delves into the life of Ruben Palomares, a former LAPD officer whose journey from the boxing rings of Boyle Heights to the heart of the Rampart scandal, one of the most notorious police scandals in recent history is both harrowing and enlightening. Born in Mexico and raised in the challenging neighborhoods of Los Angeles, Ruben's early life was marked by adversity. From a young age, he was drawn to boxing, a passion that promised escape and glory. His aspirations led him to dream of Olympic gold, a dream cut short by injuries and the harsh realities of the sport's politics. Ruben's narrative takes a pivotal turn when he joins the LAPD, initially fueled by a desire to combat the gang violence and drug dealing that plagued his community. His story provides a unique insider perspective on the complexities of police work, from undercover operations in high schools, where he survived being shot, to the high-stakes environment of the Rampart Division CRASH Unit. However, Ruben's career took a dark turn as he found himself embroiled in criminal activities, leading to his eventual arrest and incarceration in federal prison for 18 years. Today, Ruben is deeply committed to giving back to the law enforcement community, focusing on addressing the critical issues of trauma and mental health among police officers. Having experienced firsthand the physical and psychological scars that come from a life of the highs and lows of being a cop and a criminal, Ruben now dedicates his time to mentoring current officers. He shares his story openly, not shying away from the details of his own fall from grace, to highlight the importance of mental health support. Ruben is still actively involved in boxing and Jiu Jitsu and encourages using combatives to help address mental health trauma. This episode is a profound exploration of themes such as atonement and giving back, as Ruben reflects on his journey from a corrupt police officer to seeking redemption and helping others avoid the pitfalls that ensnared him. His story is a cautionary tale of the thin line between right and wrong and the redemptive power of second chances. ALL LINKS FOR THE PODCAST CONNECT WITH RUBEN: IG: IG: #transitiondrillpodcast #firstresponders #police
Navy Veteran turns Pro Bodybuilder & Coach. DaJuan Freeman
In this episode of the Transition Drill Podcast, go into the life and experiences of DaJuan Freeman, whose journey from Navy veteran to becoming an IFBB professional bodybuilder is nothing short of inspirational. DaJuan, an Aviation Electronics Mate and then Firefighter/EMT, shares his raw and authentic story, touching on themes of trauma, resilience, and transformation that resonate deeply with military veterans and first responders alike. Growing up DaJuan faced the challenges of a community riddled with gangs and violence. These early experiences of trauma and adversity set the stage for a life characterized by fighting spirit and perseverance. His transition into the Navy served as a pivotal moment, providing structure, direction, and a sense of purpose. However, it was not without its own set of challenges, including near-death experiences and witnessing the harsh realities of service life, which contributed to his understanding of trauma and its impacts. DaJuan's post-Navy life and his battle with PTS and alcoholism reveals the often unseen struggles that veterans face upon returning to civilian life. Yet, it's his remarkable transformation into a Firefighter, EMT, fitness trainer, and eventually, an IFBB professional bodybuilder, that truly encapsulates the essence of this episode. DaJuan's journey showcases the incredible potential for transformation and growth that lies within all of us. This episode is not just a story about overcoming adversity; it's a powerful narrative that highlights the importance of mental health, the value of physical fitness, and the indomitable spirit of those who have served. DaJuan Freeman's journey from trauma to triumph is a compelling reminder of the strength and resilience inherent in the veteran and first responder communities. ALL LINKS FOR THE PODCAST LinkTree: IG: CONNECT WITH DaJUAN: IG: LinkTree: #transitiondrillpodcast #militarytransition #navy
Navy Veteran and Black Belt Answers Your Questions on EOD & Jiu Jitsu. Noah Oliver
In this episode of one of the best podcasts for those preparing for military transition, I'm back with Noah Oliver, a former Navy Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) technician, a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu black belt who transitioned into the realms of entrepreneurship. This episode is a treasure trove for military veterans and first responders eyeing a smooth transition into civilian life, especially those with an entrepreneurial spirit or a passion for martial arts. Following up from Episode 55, this episode was based on listener questions where Noah shares more about his time as a Navy EOD tech, to founding Flowhold Jiu Jitsu and MMA Supply Co., an apparel company that's making waves in the martial arts community, and offers his advice regarding getting involved with and practicing Jiu Jitsu from his almost 20 years of experience. His story is not just about the transition; it's a narrative of resilience, adaptability, and the relentless pursuit of passion, be it in the high-stakes world of navy EOD or the disciplined practice of Jiu-Jitsu. Listeners will be captivated by Noah's insights into the challenges and triumphs of navigating life after the military. His experiences shed light on the importance of preparation, the value of embracing new opportunities, and the power of community in the world of entrepreneurship and beyond. Whether you're a veteran, an active-duty member contemplating the next chapter, or someone interested in the intersection of military discipline and entrepreneurial success, this episode offers invaluable lessons and inspiration. ALL LINKS FOR THE PODCAST CONNECT WITH NOAH: Web: IG: TikTok: #transitiondrillpodcast #militarytransition #veteran
From Enlisted Marine to Lt Cdr Navy Reserves | TV Reporter & Author "Heroes Live Here." Amy Forsythe
In this episode of one of the best podcasts for those preparing for military transition, we get into the life and career of Lt. Commander Amy Forsythe, a former enlisted Marine who transitioned to being an Officer in the Navy Reserves. Whose career has spanned roles as a combat correspondent, reporter, author, and a beacon for military veterans navigating their post-service lives. Amy's journey is not just a story of personal achievement but a roadmap for military transition, offering invaluable insights into the challenges and opportunities that lie beyond the uniform. Amy's narrative begins in the heart of Northern California, where her early life set the stage for a distinguished career in the Marine Corps and the Navy. Her service as a combat correspondent took her to the front lines, with 2 deployments to Iraq, 3 to Afghanistan, as well as Niger, Poland, Germany, Sri Lanka, and Malaysia, where she honed her skills in storytelling, capturing the essence of military life and the spirit of those who serve. Her transition from the Marine Corps to active Reserve and a civilian career and then a commission in the Navy Reserves is a testament to her resilience, adaptability, and the unwavering spirit of a veteran determined to continue serving her community through her work and the "Heroes Live Here" book she authored and published. Throughout the conversation, Amy touches on pivotal moments of her military career, her passion for storytelling, and her commitment to helping fellow veterans navigate the often-daunting path of reintegration into civilian life. Her experiences as a Marine, Navy officer, and combat correspondent are not just career highlights but chapters of a larger story that resonates with many in the military and first responder communities. Amy Forsythe's episode is a beacon for those in the midst of their military transition, offering guidance, inspiration, and a reminder of the vast opportunities that await beyond service. ALL LINKS FOR THE PODCAST CONNECT WITH AMY: Web: LinkedIn: IG: #transitiondrillpodcast #militarytransition #veteran
Marine Corps Air Traffic Controller to Healthcare and the Black Sheep Nurse podcast. Erika Browning
In this episode of one of the best podcasts for those preparing for military transition, we dive into the life of Erika Browning, a former Marine Officer who navigated military transition to become a successful nurse and podcast host. Erika's story is not just about her transition from the Marine Corps to civilian life; it's a testament to the resilience, adaptability, and determination that defines our veterans. As an air traffic controller in the Marine Corps, Erika developed skills and a work ethic that would later serve her well in her nursing career and as the host of the Black Sheep Nurse Podcast. Erika's journey begins in the small town of Paris, Texas, where her early life was marked by a deep sense of patriotism and a desire to serve, influenced by her father's service as a Navy Corpsman in Vietnam. Despite not growing up with an intention about joining the military, Erika's path took a pivotal turn when she decided to join the Marine Corps, a decision that would shape her future in ways she never imagined. Her military time as a 2nd Lt, highlighted by her role in air traffic control, provided her with unique challenges and experiences, from the rigorous training at Quantico to the deployment in Iraq, where she played a critical role in establishing airfield procedures in austere conditions. Transitioning from the structured world of the Marine Corps to civilian life, Erika embarked on a new mission to pursue a career in nursing. After years working in settings like the ER, today she is a Case Manager and a Life Care Planner. Her story is a powerful illustration of the skills and values instilled in military veterans and how they can be translated into successful civilian careers. Erika's dedication to helping others, honed through her service in the Marine Corps and her work as a nurse, is further amplified in her role as a podcast host. On the Black Sheep Nurse Podcast, she provides a platform for nurses to share their stories and insights. Her resilience and tenacity resonates with veterans and first responders, offering guidance, inspiration, and community to those navigating their own transitions. Erika Browning's story is a powerful reminder of the strength, versatility, and value that military veterans bring to our communities and the civilian workforce. Her journey from the Marine Corps to nursing and beyond is a testament to the enduring spirit of service and the importance of planning and preparing for life after the military. ALL LINKS FOR THE PODCAST CONNECT WITH ERIKA Web: LinkedIn: IG: NURSING - CASE MANAGERS NETWORK Web: #transitiondrillpodcast #militarytransition #nursing
A Marine Raider’s Guide to Transition | Life After Service [The Honor Foundation]. Michael Halterman
In this episode of one of the best podcasts for those preparing for military transition, we dive into the journey of Michael “Halty” Halterman, a distinguished MARSOC veteran who has navigated the complex waters of military transition with remarkable resilience and insight. Halty's story is not just about his time in the Marine Corps and MARSOC (Marine Forces Special Operations Command), but also about the broader challenges and triumphs faced by veterans as they transition to civilian life. His experiences shed light on the critical importance of preparation, adaptability, and the invaluable support systems like The Honor Foundation (THF) that play a pivotal role in helping veterans find their footing post-service. Today, Halty is the VP of Operations at The Honor Foundation. Halty's narrative is an array of combat, camaraderie, and the quest for personal growth beyond the battlefield. Enlisting in the Marines because he wanted adventure. He served in the infantry for half of his career. Opportunity put him in a place to be at the inception of MARSOC. However, not having been prior Recon, he wasn’t welcomed as a Raider. Because of his humbleness, Halty admits he shouldn’t have been there, yet his tenacity pushed him every day to earn the right to be there the next day. His commitment embodies the courage, discipline, and dedication that define the very essence of the military ethos. Yet, it's his journey after getting out that offers profound insights into the challenges of military transition. Halty retired in 2018 as a Master Sergeant. Halty discusses the pivotal role of reading and continuous learning in his life, highlighting how it has shaped his transition and helped him assist other veterans in their journeys. This episode is a cache of wisdom for military veterans, first responders, and anyone interested in the intricacies of transitioning from a life of service to a new chapter filled with unknowns. Through Halty's lens, we explore the significance of embracing new identities, the power of vulnerability, and the importance of community support, as exemplified by organizations like The Honor Foundation. ALL LINKS FOR THE PODCAST CONNECT WITH MICHAEL Twitter/X: IG: LinkedIn: BOOKS RECOMMENDED BY MICHAEL Daring Greatly – Brene Brown Atomic Habits – James Clear #transitiondrillpodcast #militarytransition #marines
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